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Entry #1

Games of which I have all medals

2010-02-06 04:53:51 by masterhama

I thought it would be funny to keep a list of games in which i have unlocked all medals. I know it isn't much right now but I hope the list will grow really long. if you have a question on how to get a medal or suggestion on a game which you think I might like or if you think I made a mistake in my list, please leave a comment and I will make work of it.

- Toss the Turtle
- Chibi Knight
- Deliver That Fulp
- Escape Pico's Mansion
- Crush the Castle: PP
- Magic Pink Man 2
- Dynamic Systems
- Gretel and Hansel
- Alice is Dead 2
- REPLAYING :the game:
- Seven's Second Adventure
- Newgrounds Pass 3
- One Button Bob
- Communist in space
- It's a Nice Day Today
- Notepad Drawing Collab 09
- Score!
- Tax Time!
- Paper Warfare
- NG Sketchbook Tour
- Sydney Shark
- Escaping the Prison
- Chaos Faction 2


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2010-02-06 08:32:54

great job!!!!

masterhama responds:

thanks, still working on it though.


2010-03-04 16:05:45

u only have 6740 score : |